Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables

at the comfort of your home, every day!


Enjoy home grown fruits & veggies using  a lab-tested, modern and user-friendly hydroponics tower producing fresh harvest with minimal effort. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Nutraponics Tower Garden offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community. 


Compared to traditional methods, Hydroponics is up to 95% more efficient.


Uses water & nutrients to directly feed the roots, without any use of soil.


Yield increases 3 to 10 times in the same space as traditional methods.


Many crops can be produced twice as fast in a  hydroponic system.


Nutraponics® is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, specifically engineered to maximize yield in an automated & controlled environment with minimal effort.


Stackable Design

A modular design that makes it easy to stack up an add to the tower without having to buy new equipment.

Easy Setup

In about 25-30 min

With easy to follow guides, & a simple snap-in-place modular design, getting started is quick and easy.

User Friendly

Easy to Start & Maintain

With everything you need to get started, and an automated setup, starting your own farm has never been easier.


For Maximum Results

The unique form of the tower allows for maximum efficiency and produces higher yields than the competition.

More Nutritious Better Tasting Yield

Nutraponics® improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedlings, and berries.

  • Reduced Footprint Waste

    Takes up less than 4 Sq Ft but yields up to 40% then traditional methods in the same space.

  • 40% More Yields

    Grow plants with 40% greater yields on average, enjoying abundant, nutritious food all year round.

  • Nutrient-Rich Produce

    Delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots helping you grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort.

  • Effortless & Consistent 

    Science, research and lab-tested aquaponic systems you get a higher yield that grows faster consistently.

  • NFT + Aeroponics Tech

    A cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you, the family and the community.

  • Controlled Envt. Setting

    Nutraponics is protected from extreme weather conditions and lack of freshwater resources

How Nutraponics Works...

Nutraponics uses NFT, an advanced version of the traditional hydroponics. Nutrients and CO2 are fed constantly, in an efficient and effective automated process yielding maximum results.

  • Easy Setup with no special tools

    The Nutraponics Tower Garden comes with the necessary pieces to get the tower ready to accept your preferred seedlings. Assembly takes about 25–30 minutes of minimal setup; be sure check out the included installation manual.

  • Germination and Pre-Prep of Seedlings

    When the seedlings of your choice are ready; about 2-3 weeks after germination, you would transplant these into provided net pots. Instead of soil, the plants grow in a rockwool or a similar medium steady enough to support the plant.

  • Enriching the Harvest with Nutrients

    Simply add the desired nutrients of your choice to the water depending on the instruction from the nutrient manufacturer. Fill the reservoir at the base of the Tower Garden with a mixture of nutrient mineral blend and water.

Why Nutraponics Works...

Nutraponics has a patented designed module which follows principles of Biomimicry; an process that involves designed elements based on natural species. This helps helps maximize efficiency without sacrifice.

  • Delivering Precise Levels of Nutrients​

    A low-wattage, submersible pump in the reservoir pumps the nutrient solution to the top of the tower garden through a central pipe- this can be controlled and monitored  with the provided timer for added customization.

  • Effective Design takes Over 

    The nutrient solution then drips down the inside of the Tower Garden, evenly cascading through the designed modules over the exposed plant roots to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum results. 

  • Timely Nourishment of the Plants 

    A timer ensures this process repeats continuously—usually in 15-minute increments—to deliver the ideal amount of oxygen, water and nutrients to plants in perfect harmony.

Easily Grow Herbs, Fruits, Veggies, Salads...

Nutraponics improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedlings, and berries 

Switching to Hydroponics Matters NOW more than ever...

Weighing in the Benefits

An upfront investment with so many Benefits and Returns in the long run...

  • Rise in Cost of Food 

    Cost of fresh produce over the last 10 years has steadily grown at an average of 6% & is expected to continue to rise specially during uncertain futures.

  • Savings Add Up 

    The average food cost for a U.S. household was $7,939 in 2018. Nutraponics Towers can save you $$$ in fresh & safe herbs, fruits and veggies.

  • Fresh Food Every Time

    The Average Savings with Nutraponics Tower over 3 years: $11,200 based on $4734 annual cost of  farm fruits, veggies & herbs. That’s saving over $10 every single day!

  • Organic & Chemical-Free

    Truly Organic & Chemical-free, Natural foods are getting even more expensive and hard to find in commercial stores - not to mention the cost. You would need to travel to farms to get real home grown styled fresh produce.

  • Eat Fresh, Everyday! 

    Hydroponics farming saves you Time & Money.  Imagine the time saved by skipping the fresh food section, while growing fresh food at home at a cost of less than a  cup of coffee!

  • Free from Pesticides

    Fresh Fruits and Veggies are NOT really fresh but are made to look fresh using chemicals, pesticides and artificial methods.

  • Non-Toxic & Healthy 

    Pesticides accumulate in bodies with high fat content, are highly toxic, have a long decay period, and can accumulate in fat tissue and  the internal organs. 

  • Long-term Effects

    Pesticides are also toxic to humans. They may induce adverse health effects including cancer, effects on reproduction, immune system or nervous system

  • A Healthier Lifestyle 

    Initial cost of setting up Hydroponics is worth the improved health benefit from eating fresh chemical free food. Additives in the food lead to headache, nausea,  weakness & difficulty in breathing.

  • All-Natural Ecosystem

    The use of chemicals in production, harvesting, processing, packing, transport, marketing & consumption creates deleterious effect on both human and ecology


Create your very own Urban Farm by starting Hydroponics. No more spending $$$ getting produce you know is not going to be as healthy if you grew it yourself



48 Pots Starter Kit




64 Pots Pro Kit




80 Pots Max Sized Kit




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Whats Included in the Box:

  • Nutraponics Tower & Modules

  • Net Pots  (48, 64, 80 as per size)

  • Water Pump, Timer & Accessories

  • Germination Starter Pack

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Awards, Accolades & Merits

With our combination of science, research and lab-tested aquaponic systems you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster consistently.

Great Idea

Innovation Tech.

Sustainable Products, Projects & Green Design Participation - 2018, 2019, 2020

Good Design


Participation, Mention & Recognition for Green Product Design Innovation, 2019


Innovation Award

Innovation Awards 2019. Best of Innovation & Honorable Mention for different categories.

Fast Company

Honorable Mention

Agriculture-based Awards. Innovation by Design Honoree, for the past 3 years - 2018, 2019, 2020  


With Nutraponics, you are in control of air humidity, amount of water supply, spray timings and energy used. This enables the recovery of a very large percentage of energy!

“The setup was easier than I have experienced in the past. The new design did improve my overall growth, and cut costs.”

Josh Kliensmann
Valued Customer, Since 2019

“The tower was larger than I expected- which is not a bad thing...its not skinny and that gives more room for my lettuce to grow”

Ginger Chihocki
Repeat Customer, Since 2020

“The internal design of the tower is what makes the difference- the water does target the roots and that makes a BIG difference”

Fawzia Krobel

First Time Customer, Since 2020

“Love how you can use as many or as few pots. The tower is flexible and you can control the whole setup.”

Jim Browne

Valued Customer, Since 2020


Money Back Guarantee

Our Products are built in a Certified Facility that meet or exceed regulations. All our products are thoroughly inspected and checked to ensure proper quality prior to packaging. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product for a 100% refund.


We understand that starting a new project or a hobby can be a bit concerning. We’re here to help. Below are some key questions that most of our users asked.

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Does it require any special skills to start?

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