Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Nutraponics Hydro Tower offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for you & the family.

  • Nutraponics is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation, producing a fresh harvest with minimal effort
  • Specifically tailored to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of agricultural products in all environments and climates
  • Control the air humidity, amount of water supply, spray timing and energy used with the automated timer setup
  • Includes Hydrating Pump, Timer, Adapter, Seeding Bed & Net Pots​



Tower Features & Gallery

Grow Up to 40% More Healthy Food, 3x Faster

Water Catchers to help Nourish.

Unique Design to Promote Growth

Maximize Planting Surface Area

Benefits of Nutraponics

Simple Setup

Sprinkler Mechanism

Coming to Life

The Nutraponics Advantage

How Nutraponics can help you save and improve

Nutraponics® improves quality, production speed, as well as overall productivity. It is especially suited for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedlings, and berries.

  • Huge Savings $$$

    The average savings using a Nutraponics over 3 years: $11,200 based on $4734 annual cost!

  • Fresh & Healthy Food

    Eat truly Organic & Chemical-free, natural food you can trust your family with grown right at home.

  • 40% More Yields

    Grow plants with 40% greater yields on average, enjoying abundant, nutritious food all year round.

  • Ready to Grow Setup

    Setup takes about 25–30 min with minimal setup; be sure to check out the included installation manual.​

  • Healthier Lifestyle

    See improved health benefits from eating fresh chemical-free food that leads to better wellbeing.

  • Controlled Environment

    Nutraponics is protected from extreme weather conditions by  circulating precise nutrients.